NAPO BEACH RESORT in maripipi island​ ​BILIRAN    

Maripipi island is a 27km round island with 15 barrio in Tagalog mean village in English. Napo is part of the village facing northwest. We have a eastly sunrise and a beautiful westly sunset. Napo Beach resort is about 1500sqm beach front with a swimming pool and an improvised waterfall who will give you a romantic sunset atmosphere. 

A Boutique will provide you with suntan lotion(napobio coconut oil med in napo), t-shirts, sandals etc. We also have a sari-sari store where you can buy food and drinks separated at the resort.All the bungalow has a solid concrète structure .The restaurant facing northwest as the function hall with most of the guests relaxing with a nice classical music looking at the sunset. Music will be introduced as you need as a local rum with coke before a beautiful dinner. A friendly team will look after you during your stay and make sure you will leave Napo with a good memories.

 wen you in Napo Beach Resort 

you will see the oil manufacture of NapoBio